14 March 2012

You Can't Resist It's Thrashing Rage

Voivod (Canada)
March 14, 1986

1986 was arguably the biggest year in heavy metal history. Today I'm shining a light on Voivod's underrated maelstrom of frantic thrash madness. It's easy to see why attention was directed elsewhere at the time, and you don't need me to point anything in particular out. Voivod were ugly French Canadian pimply faced juveniles that followed in the footsteps of Celtic Frost and at this point had more in common with the German scene (Destruction, Sodom, Kreator) than the American scene (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer) before they ever busted out the proggy Floydisms. Their methods of mayhem were more blunt and less abstract, it was all about the hunt, the fight, the kill. Mundane brutality that can only be captured and represented through pissed off and piss drunk youth. Hiding behind Satan was for wimps, and tackling real world disorders and politics was for posers. Anyone can tap into this primal force, but it can only be portrayed through uncompromising conviction, which is where Voivod excelled and is renowned for. Mosh, fight, fuck, thrash, destroy, kill, hate, rage, burn, break, speed, get it all out of your system. Listen below. Fuck off and die.

Korgull, The Exterminator by Voivod on Grooveshark
Fuck Off And Die by Voivod on Grooveshark
Slaughter In A Grave by Voivod on Grooveshark
Ripping Headaches by Voivod on Grooveshark
Horror by Voivod on Grooveshark
Thrashing Rage by Voivod on Grooveshark
The Helldriver by Voivod on Grooveshark
Build Your Weapons by Voivod on Grooveshark
To The Death by Voivod on Grooveshark

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