19 March 2012

Under Swirling Moons and Galaxies

Sorrow and Extinction
February 21, 2012

Until Ahab slowly sails forth its latest material, I will very happily whet my appetite with Pallbearer. In fact, Ahab can take their time at this point, because this absolutely stunning piece of emotionally devastating craftsmanship has set the bar mighty fucking deep this year for doooooom as far as I'm concerned. The album art is a telling omen. I can't believe how crushingly awesome this sounds and it seemingly came out of nowhere (Arkansas, really?). I will easily and without a second thought place these guys amongst the ranks of the aforementioned Ahab, Warning/40 Watt Sun, hell even the almighty Candlemass. Comparisons could also be made to The Wounded Kings in the cloudy mysterious atmosphere, and even a bit of Ufomammut in the psychedelic leads, but with a fresh outlook on the genre, yet sounding just familiar enough to be grippingly desirable. Listen to what it sounds like to bear the weight of a sonic blanket stitched from the most desolate corners of the cosmos as it pulses with the secrets of omniscience. Best release of 2012 so far. Read more for a listen.

Foreigner by Pallbearer on Grooveshark
Devoid Of Redemption by Pallbearer on Grooveshark
The Legend by Pallbearer on Grooveshark
An Offering Of Grief by Pallbearer on Grooveshark
Given To The Grave by Pallbearer on Grooveshark

"In the twilight hour, clouds obscure the bleeding light
As they bear the body of the sun
To lay at rest in the earth..."
(An Offering of Grief)

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