27 March 2012

Burial at Sognefjorden

Windir (Norway)
March 27, 2003

The late primal warrior Valfar's final gift to the earthly realm was a resonant swansong of Windir, a masterful homage to his homeland, Norway. Norse and viking heritage provides the pulse and the life blood of all releases by Windir, and here, such rich emotional tapestries are carefully composed on the scale of symphonies to an utterly astounding achievement to which all current forms of viking/Norse/historic/folk metal albums strive to compare. Valfar's fierce and admiral persona is portrayed with magnificence amongst the lyrical content and noble ideals represented through selected artworks and the driving current of the general themes and sense of (in)humanity weaving throughout this work. Despite the electronic experimentation that blossoms around the edges of much of the tracks, there is an aura of delicate grace and humble pride noticibly absent in most of today's regurgitations of 90's romanticized odes to times long past. Though pummelling aggression, such as found in "Despot" and "On the Mountain of Goats," flaunt a merciless strength of character and backbone. Today, remember a fallen star with a listen. RIP.

Resurrection Of The Wild by Windir on Grooveshark
Martyrium by Windir on Grooveshark
Despot by Windir on Grooveshark
Blodssvik by Windir on Grooveshark
Fagning by Windir on Grooveshark
On the Mountain of Goats by Windir on Grooveshark
Dauden by Windir on Grooveshark
Ætti Mørkna by Windir on Grooveshark

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