12 March 2012

Ascend, Oh Beast of Fire

Portrait (Sweden)
Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
May 9, 2011

Here's how to keep the spirit of true satanic heavy metal burning strong in a world plagued with enslavement, plight and false light. Throw that raggedy leather jacket back on, and don your occult paraphernalia for this one, because hellfire this magnificent is a luxury best served fatally skull thrashed in all manner of blackened damnation. Right out of the gates, "Beast of Fire" rips to shreds anyone within burning distance, setting aflame Mercyful Fate's midnight storytelling with the corrosive venom of Satan's hounds. "Infinite Descension" is the most like King Diamond's material, torn from the flesh of the 80's with murderous intentions. Darkness reigns over these sounds, the blues have been effectively annihilated as acoustic flares stand out in "The Wilderness Beyond" and "Darkness Forever". Landscapes of sorrow and shores of hopelessness are the eternal horizons showcased on the epic prophetic Dissection-channeling finale, "Der Todesking". Fucking tasty. Hail Satan and all that other cool shit. Read more to listen...

Beast of Fire by Portrait on Grooveshark
Infinite Descension by Portrait on Grooveshark
The Wilderness Beyond by Portrait on Grooveshark
Bloodbath by Portrait on Grooveshark
Darkness Forever by Portrait on Grooveshark
The Nightcomers by Portrait on Grooveshark
The Passion by Portrait on Grooveshark
Der Todesking by Portrait on Grooveshark

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