26 March 2012

My Blood, a Swirling Vortex of Space

Stargazer (Australia)
A Great Work of Ages
August, 2010

Like a crustacean from prehistoric times slowly being weathered away, slowly formed and carved out through time, and through the ages, refined with the delicate touch of mystical healing men and various divinatory mediums between the cosmos and the earth and imbued with the power of storytellers and mythmakers of old, whose tales and truths have come to identify cultures and identities of mankind all over the world. This is fractal thrash from Australia, sharing members with the mind fucking Impetuous Ritual and Portal. There's a distinct scope of grandness contained and refracted into digestible slices of jazzy deathy entropy. See, for example, the multidimensional fractal bloom of "Chase for the Serpentsong". The intent seems prehistoric, and reptillian in execution, as riffs slither and twist to form with a primal sheen of when today's crude were actually multi-ton pre-aviary lizard behemoths. Technical and very jazzy (especially with drums and bass), but still able to dish out some hard driven thrash mania, as exemplified in "Pypes of Psychosomatis". One of the best releases of 2010 for sure. Take a listen below.

Red Antlered Radiant by Stargazer on Grooveshark
Passing Stone - into the Greater Sun by Stargazer on Grooveshark
Pypes of Psychosomatis by Stargazer on Grooveshark
Refractive Convex Continuum by Stargazer on Grooveshark
Chase for the Serpentsong by Stargazer on Grooveshark
The Morbid Slither, the Sinner Slough by Stargazer on Grooveshark
Hue-Man-King by Stargazer on Grooveshark
Formless Face of the Timeless Faceless by Stargazer on Grooveshark

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