22 March 2012

Downward Spiral Into Madness

Anata (Sweden)
The Conductor's Departure
June 12, 2006

I realized I haven't posted a whole lot of death metal yet, and it's certainly a genre I'm a huge fan of, but technical death metal in particular is very finicky (I generally prefer the cavernous hell swamps drawn from the schools of Incantation and Immolation). One of the easiest genres to pump out material, but one of the hardest genres to make an original statement. Anata disbanded for quite some time, but recently got back together and will be releasing a new album this year. This is all at once, brutally heavy, possessing the perfect production for this style (clean enough to capture every note played as tight as a duck's arse, but not overdone to showcase that real humans are playing), yet with just enough of a touch of emotional attachment especially in the lyrics--which are very uncharacteristic for the genre--but also in the carefully constructed melodic depth that is initially hard to detect but surfaces the more you listen. This is what gives it such replayability as opposed to the dime-a-dozen pubescent tech death circle jerks that crowd up all the malls and mainstream magazines. Take a listen or 10 after clicking 'read more'. It's better to be grieved than fooled.

Downward Spiral Into Madness by Anata on Grooveshark
Complete Demise by Anata on Grooveshark
Better Grieved Than Fooled by Anata on Grooveshark
The Great Juggler by Anata on Grooveshark
Cold Heart Forged In Hell by Anata on Grooveshark
I Would Dream Of Blood by Anata on Grooveshark
Disobedience Pays by Anata on Grooveshark
Children's Laughter by Anata on Grooveshark
Renunciation by Anata on Grooveshark
The Conductor's Departure by Anata on Grooveshark

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