14 February 2012

With Every Deep Happiness There's Some Kind of Pain

The Inside Room
March 4, 2011

Hey, it's that national capitalistic waste of a holiday today, just when you thought you've crawled your way out of debt from xmas, BAM, you feel obligated to bust whatever load you've since accumulated all over your loved one and its back to square one. However, this is beautiful music. Nostalgic, yet mildly regretful, hindsight can be bittersweet, always in light of what could have been said better, what could have been let go sooner, what could have been found before it was lost. This is music for passionate couples, and music for lonely singles (or maybe that should be lonely couples and passionate singles). Music for the break of dawn and the twilight of dusk. A walk through the park in the fall or a drive through the country in the spring. Hopelessly in love, heart-wrenchingly comforting. Everyone goes through all of this. Just not all the time. You will enjoy this when (if) you feel it. Either way, you will be excused from all the bullshit surrounding today once you let this bleak little gem take it all away. Stream the album below.

Restless by 40 Watt Sun on Grooveshark
Open My Eyes by 40 Watt Sun on Grooveshark
Between Times by 40 Watt Sun on Grooveshark
Carry Me Home by 40 Watt Sun on Grooveshark
This Alone by 40 Watt Sun on Grooveshark

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