13 February 2012

What's This, That Stands Before Me?

Black Sabbath
February 13, 1970

Happy birthday, heavy metal. 42 years young and counting. I don't need to say anything, as its all been said before, and will be retold until the end of time. All you need to hear are the 3 very first ominous notes to come out of the speakers and fate is sealed. This was the crossroads where the blues and rock and roll had aborted its unwanted dreary monstrosity of a fetus, left it alone in the darkness of midnight to fend for itself and adapt to the left hand path's malnourishment of nonconformity and fuzzed out 'Fuck You' attitude. You can argue that other more obscure bands paved the way for metal earlier than Sabbath (Coven, Black Widow, Lucifer's Friend, etc.), though none had the far-reaching influence, and exceptionally palatable darker occult themes that have become a mainstay in extreme forms of music. Take any metal band today and you can trace each and every riff back to Black Sabbath in some way. But what are you reading this for, you already know that. Take a listen down memory lane:

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