16 February 2012

Black Metal 101 with Your Host, Fenriz

Here's your definitive course on the history of black metal. The one and only Fenriz of Darkthrone is your host, as he outlines the general evolution beginning with Black Sabbath, and traces various threads of influence that have seeped into the mix throughout the 80's, highlighting a broad spectrum of prominent artists, and a who's who of the first and second waves up until around 1991-1992. He provides a wealth of homework to look into, a comprehensive list of notable bands to be aware of, including such obscurities and personal favorites as Bulldozer, Sarcofago and Hellhammer, among others. The course concludes with the explosion of the scene when it truly becomes global and difficult, if not impossible, to catalog each and every contributing band and where fragmentations and subscenes/subgenres split apart like fractals. I recommend giving this a watch, it's worth the insight and will keep you busy with new discoveries, all worth checking out. Class starts here. Read more for the videos...

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