8 February 2012

When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water

Demilich (Finland)
February 8, 1993

Today, Demilich's sole full length turns 19 years old, finally old enough to be considered an adult here in Canada. Demilich was a short-lived enigma in the early 90's European death metal scene. Most distinguishable about this band is the utterly absurd zombie-toad-belching-on-barbiturates vocals of Antti Boman, of which the band maintains that absolutely no effects were used to create the inhuman effect. I'm drawn to this album because of the vocals, but I stick around because of the cavernous atmosphere and understatedly technical grooves. Riffs weave like a serpent throughout the expressive drumming attacks, thickening up during the sluggish crawls, and piercing its venom through tasteful pinch harmonics. It's an intimidating listen for sure, but unpretentiously forward thinking, unlike a few other 1993 releases from the early death metal scene that I don't care to mention. Enjoy this album in its entirety below. You can skip through the tracks or allow it to play through the album continuously.

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