7 February 2012

Year of the Dragon

Welcome to the Aurora North...

As of January 23, the first new moon of 2012, we have entered the Chinese year of the Dragon. This is traditionally a sign of grandness, and good luck. Thus, I have interpreted this as a divine sign from the cosmos for a reason to launch this blog. I'm not big on words, so I shall let the purpose of this blog unfold with each new post, illuminating particular nooks and crannies of the underground eccentric music scene that thrives everywhere all over the world, and whatever else I feel like.

Tonight that very moon has ripened to complete fullness, and I have allowed this creation to claw its way from the depths of my mind's womb to the bleak and omniscient plane of the universal internet.

Digging deeper into the lore of our present year through the lens of Chinese mysticism, I find that 2012 is a year of the Water Dragon, which is a more subdued Dragon, one that does not seek the spotlight so much. Patience is more apparent, and careful analysis is better accomplished. This is all very fitting to my cherry-popping blog endeavor.

Feel free to follow along, I will try to add a new post every day or two as much as I can. I welcome comments, feedback, suggestions and criticism. Don't forget to listen to good music.

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