10 February 2012

Temples of Painted and Defleshed Bones

Dodecahedron (Netherlands)
January 20, 2012

So this is one of my favorite releases so far from 2012. I hate to add to the Deathspell Omega comparisons flying all over the blogosphere, but the influence is undeniable (Listen to I, Chronocrator). These guys seem far more approachable, however, with a more exciting jazzy core, most prominently shown off with the drumming. However, whereas DsO strangles and can wring out of your neck a soaring cerebral apocalyptic melody amidst the chaos, these geometrists go for a more blunt rhythmic bludgeon, more of an earthen physical attack, if you can pardon my grasping for metaphors. I also hear the atmosphere of Ulcerate, occasional ambience of Altar of Plagues and the mind warping technicality of Gorguts. It's as much ethereally atmospheric (Listen to View from Hverfell II) as it is precisely deliberate (Listen to Allfather). This is one hell of a debut album. Great cover artwork. Try and wrap your head around this one, no math degree required.

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